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Name:Sasquatch ÷ hotass² + (¼ hobo hair * shoulders)
Location:United States of America
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Community description:Bringing together all the Jared Padalecki fans in a non-crazy place.
Welcome to [community profile] padalecki; the dreamwidth community for all of your Jared Padalecki needs! Jared is currently starring in Supernatural alongside Jensen Ackles. In the past he starred in Gilmore Girls, House of Wax, and Friday the 13th.

This community is here to bring together (nearly) everything Jared Padalecki related into one spot! (The nearly will be explained later, I promise!) Once the community gets into the swing of things, some fun weekly stuff will start!

This is the internet. We all know that the internet is full of pretty much everything. A lot of that everything is really lame. So, in light of the lameness, some rules are required.

One. Try to be polite and logical. Wank will not be tolerated. Posting is moderated for this exact reason.

Two. Keep a two week delay on all spoilers for recently aired episodes and for all unaired episodes! This includes both text and images. Keep them behind a cut with some sort of warning text. Be polite about movie spoilers as well! Try not to reveal any big plot points out of a cut or in a subject line.

Three. When posting icons, please only post three (or less) as a preview. When posting wallpapers or other fanart, please keep the preview image under 400x400 pixels. There will be no pornographic manips allowed.

Four. There will be no fanfiction allowed! Please stick around for some information on communities that allow it!

Thanks [community profile] thefulcrum for the base layout coding!

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